05.11.19Trudy Maria


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02.24.19Katherine Brown

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07.28.18Susan Mindel

Dear Josh,
We met you at Ben and Joe's on July 4th. And we were at Parnell's the other night for Ben's performance. My husband, Joel, and I are planning a dinner party at our house on September, Friday the 14th, assuming we can round up the chef and various friends and family. We have a wonderful Steinway baby grand c. 1910 in our living room. I think you would enjoy playing it. Is this something that might interest you? It wouldn't be necessary to bring along another musician. You could play during cocktails in the living room, and while we are dining in the adjacent dining room. Of course, you could take breaks and have something to eat. Hope this idea appeals to you. We live in Manhattan on East 64th St. between Lexington and 3rd Avenues.
Susan Mindel 1 (212) 249-1002

05.18.18Jenny lu

Dear Mr.Richman,

My son Cameron is 14 years old. He has been playing piano for 10 years, and he is currently playing keyboard in NJYS Jazz band. He would like to take jazz piano private lessons from you, could you please let me know if you will be available.

Thank you very much.



12.15.17Ed Thoumyre

Hi Josh,
Jason Kronick just came to tune the piano that was left in the house we just bought in NJ. We might be interested in having our 4.5 year old take classes and Jason gave very strong recommendation about you. Our worry is how much it would cost and obviously if you feel like teaching a 4.5 year old.

Please let us know,



12.15.17Patrick Cassidy

Hi Josh! This is Pat Cassidy (WCU, Class of 2016). I am the director of the Jazz Ensemble at Neshaminy High School, and I work alongside my colleague, Dan Weiner, who runs the Jazz Band. We are a big but growing program in Langhorne, PA, with two competing bands, and we host our own jazz festival each May. This year, the festival falls on Friday, May 4. On behalf of the NHS Instrumental Music Department, I wanted to extend an offer: we would be thrilled to have you headline our festival as the “lead clinician."

The festival usually lasts from around 2 PM until the late evening (10 or 11). We ask the quintet of clinicians (composed of other professionals in the area) to first lead a group clinic for every band in attendance, then sectional clinics (you would obviously deal with the rhythm section kids). Then, after dinner, the clinicians listen to each band and give them constructive criticism, as well as awards. At the end of the night, the “Joshua Richman Quintet" would get a chance to perform a few tunes for the audience — it’s also a chance for you to sell anything that you’ve been working recently. I will have a full, detailed schedule typed up when I have secured each clinician.

As the headliner, we are looking at $1000 for the evening, plus dinner. We can discuss lodging/transportation if they present any issues, as well.

Please let me know if this is something you would be able to do; it would be our honor to have you join us for our big day! Take your time in getting back — you can email, text, or call me. My number is 2679811317.

Many thanks!

-Pat Cassidy

09.15.17Cristina Roig

Hi Joshua

I am interesting in taking private lessons. Are you still offering them? I studied piano as a child and can read music reasonably well (classical) but don't know anything about music theory and am interested in learning. I have a good ear and enjoy improvising but I don't have an understanding of chord structure so I kind of just make things up. I work full time (lawyer) and have two teenage boys at home but would love to delve into jazz piano. It's kind of a dream of mine. Please contact me at 917-597-8786 or via email at roigmorris@mac.com.



05.07.17Frederik Heringa

Dear Joshua,

I found you online and very much like the way you connect to the piano.
I’m contacting you to inform wether you have any experience in performing at a wedding dinner party.
I’ll be marrying June 10th at Pier A (the southern tip of Manhattan) and I was wondering wether you could for example perform during the dinner and dancing part of the night, from say 8PM to 10PM.
My fiancee's mother already booked a friend musician for the cocktail and ceremony part.
Concerning the location, there’s not a lot of room for musicians unfortunately and therefor I think we’d be limited by a electronic piano. If so would this need to be hired?
However, I think a second instrumentalist, for example an acoustic bass, may well fit and add to the experience. I’m personally just worried about combining acoustic bass with digital piano. Do you have any experience with this?
Let me know your your thoughts and if you have any wedding experience, wether you’d be available and what rates you’d charge.
We can discuss the repertoire a little more later on. I’d want it to be partly free to your interpretation and partly a mix of (mostly) well known jazz standards that I like.

Kind greetings and hope to hear back from you soon,

Frederik Heringa.

PS: I have a picture of the room where we envision music to play and am waiting back from Pier A to get info about the square feet size of it.

01.17.17Simon Walton

Hi there, I'm interested in taking piano lessons either after work or at the weekend.
Are you available during this time?

10.11.16Markus Koch

Hey Josh, I was wondering if you might be interested in giving lessons in Montclair? Have been playing for a few years, but slacking a bit off between job and a four year old. Cheers, Markus

10.07.16John Bennett

Hi Joshua,
Can you get in touch about the Nov 1st Paris Amrerican Club event. Pat may have to go to Brazil, but said you were available.
John, from Da Silvano's

09.10.16Milada Geller

Dear Joshua, my name is Milada and i'm looking for Jazz and advanced classical piano teacher for my son.

Please let me know if you are interested.



Hi Joshua.
I have seen your post on the Montclair Watercooler and am interested to learn more about your piano teaching skills. I am the Principal at PInkys Piano LLC and we service families of Montclair and surrounding suburbs and we are always on the look out for great teachers to join our teaching network. It would be great to connect with you to see if Pinkys Piano can help you source students in the area. I certainly have parents ask me about jazz music and I have a family on my register who is totally into jazz.! We won Montclair's Best Music Instrument Service for 2016 and I am thrilled that Montclair has welcomes me with open arms and supported my business. Looking forward to hearing from you.

01.21.15Barbara Lowenstein

Your name was listed on the Juliard website. I am interested in talking to you about performing on March 28th at a 25 person dinner party from 7-8:30 pls call or email. 917 882 0861


Hi Josh, I'm looking for a piano teacher for my 5-year old son. I'm wondering if you accept new student now. Please let me know your availability.



06.29.14Marya Zimmet

Hi, again, Joshua - not sure my other message got through. Short version - I'm a singer looking for a pianist. I mentioned my website - maryazimmet.com. Also, I have one youtube video up - a cut from the show I am bringing to Metropolitan Room 9/3 and 9/13 - just search my name in youtube. Thanks! Marya

06.29.14Marya ZImmet

Hi, Joshua - I'm a singer looking for a pianist to work with. I have a show scheduled at the Metropolitan Room for 9/3 and 9/13. I've done the show at Don't Tell Mama (last fall). My pianist and bassist/violinist from that set of shows is unavailable. It's a cabaret show/theater-ish piece with a repertoire of jazz standards, jazzy versions of show tunes, and a pop tune or two. It involves some brief back and forth dialog between myself and the pianist. Anyway - would you possibly be available for those dates, and for getting together and seeing how we clicked? There are some recordings of me at maryazimmet.com.
You were recommended to me by Deb Berman. We are both huge fans of Gabrielle Stravelli. - Marya

05.10.14Julian Mostel

Saw/heard you at Birdland a couple of weeks ago. Would like to know of upcoming gigs.


Hi Josh, I found your post on craiglist and I am interested in beginners piano lessons. Could you please let me know if this is possible and your fee? I reside in Newport and would be interested in travelling to you for lessons. Thanks!

02.16.14Kate Savino

Josh, my husband and I saw you perform at Chris' Jazz Cafe last night. Dinner and jazz was my valentine gift ! I became an instant fan of yours watching the passion exude from your fingers on to the keyboard. You were a big reason why we had such an enjoyable evening, so thank you and never let go of your passion! We will definitely be sure to follow you to another booking.
Best, Kate

09.26.12ranee insigniaproductions

Hi Joshua,
Nice speaking with you today. please email me some of your work for my client to listen to.
Thanks so much,


Hey, Josh. Great to see you this morning on the train, just sorry I didn't spot you sooner. I hope all is going well for you. I'll take a look at your schedule and try to catch a gig or two. Take care.


Hi - I am searching for beginners piano lessons and I want to learn
blues and jazz. Could you please let me know if this is possible and
your fee? I am based in Manhattan. Thanks! Ali


Hi Joshua,
I have a 12 yr old very interested in taking piano lessons. We reside in the Bronx and would be intrested in traveling to you for lessons. On the Find a music teacher website in states NY, NY, however as I explore your website I see you hav quite a connection with Philly. Do you offer lessons in NYC? If so, where? and what times would b available for a 12 yr old who could get to NYC at about 4:30-5? Sat & Sun we are available anytime.
Thank you for your time.
Much success to you, you are a talented young man. I hope to catch you at an event someday in NYC.

08.16.11Warren Richman

Hi Joshua
You have a namesake! My son is also called Joshua Richman! We live in the UK and he has just spent two weeks in US, based firstly in Washington DC and the New York. He has been attenting the Gloval Young Leaders Conference in those cities and I have just acquired a domain for him to upload his story and photos to - joshuarichman.co.uk.

The domain is not yet live, so when I tried to access it I came across your own site.

You seem a very talented musicain Joshua! But I guess that's Richmans for you!

Very best wishes

Warren Richman

04.07.11John Humphreys

Josh - saw you in Doylestown - I just LOVE your album, really love it!

12.07.10Lindsey Grande

Hi, I love you music. I bought your album last year and listen to it all the time. My boyfriend is coming home for the holidays and i would love for him to hear you play. I'm from the Philadelphia area, but we're so close to New York. Are you playing anywhere around NYC/Philly area in December?

11.08.10Bob Kennedy

I am the Jazz band director at Penndale Middle School in the North Penn School District. We are hosting a Jazz Night this year in which we invite a performer to solo with each of the Jazz Ensembles in the district. There would also be a small time period with each ensemble to rehearse or run a clinic. John Josten and I thought that as an alumn of NP, you might be interested. The date is Monday, April 11th. You would be paid for this event. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

09.13.10Ron Thomas

Appreciated your debut recording. Got a copy courtesy Marry Mellinger who recorded my recent project (to be
released on Vectordisc, solo piano "Two Lonely People")
Wish your excellent music and performance much success,
Ron Thomas

10.10.09Ted Bossis

You are a lush and sensitive piano natural~

08.12.09Alex Terrier

Hey Joshua
we met in Costa Rica, I'm the French sax player. I'm listening to your music right now, really good stuff! I hope you guys had a good time in Costa Rica. Let's try to play a session some day!
take care

04.23.09Sal Calfa

Hi My name is Sal Calfa and I produce an Internet Radio show called Le Jazz Affair.
You were the the featured artist on my Sun 041909 Show#354
I played "Revolving Door" as The Featured Song, "Bounce" as the ending song and "Acceptance" as the background Music
. Here is the link in case you are interested:


03.10.09Samuel Taylor

I saw your trio in philly back in the summer of 2007 at Chris's. I loved the show and would like to see your trio live again. I go to school in upstate new york, and I'd like to know when you are performing in NYC again because I often come down for weekend visits. Thanks, and hope to see you again soon.

11.03.08Shayna :)

I have a request for one of my favorites..haven't heard it it awhile :) Wedding Day at Troldhagen by Grieg. If you find yourself with some extra time and want to relearn an oldie (but a goodie), I'd love you forever!!!

10.14.08David Orehowsky

hey Josh! Great site, great tunes! I am proud of you!!


Oops just kidding, I was just zoomed out too much and it looked wrong...but it's totally right :) How embarassing to be me!! Your site's spectacular- congrats and keep up the awesomeness!! ~Shayna again~

09.13.08Martha Hochman

Josh, Your site looks great.! Very nice job. And i love that I can listen to your music while surfing the web since I never get to listen to your CD since Jerome won't give it back cuz he likes it so much at work.
Hope you'r enjoying Julliard and NYC.